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   Acronyms are a form of comunication that is propably just as old as the normal writen word as we know today (though, did the old Egytians use acronyms?). For a long time they were almost exclusively used in the millitary where their capacity to convey a meaning without being an order was invaluable.
Another area where acronyms are used extensively is the food and pharmacology industry. Here they are intended to convey meaning to the insiders without divulging information usable by consumers. To make sure they work as intended they are changed regulary.


   They are extensively used in computer related environments, but then computer nerds continually pick up old technologies and pretend that they are new inventions. While for example hyroglyphs were superceded by more phoneticaly based 'alphabets', the computer world has reintroduced them in the form of Icons and pictograms while claiming they are better. Acronyms are often used for marketing purposes as a way to make things look impressive. The best acronlyms however are those used in a more personal context (e-mail, articles, etc. ) where they are used to convey (sometimes strong) emotions in an inoffensive way.
Emoticons are een special form of acronyms.


   Tere are two types of acronyms, the first type comprises serious acronyms. They are used to reduce textual expansiveness, not to shield readers from unapropriate phrases. Things like SCSI, RGB, DNA fall in this category. Some of those can be found in my dictionary and jargon file. The other type is more colourfull and is described here.


   Some of these acronyms, mostly copied from Tom Syroids site, are always handy. If you have an acronym you use regulary and you think it can be handy to others (that's me), e-Mail it to me, maybe with some context. If I think it is appropriat I will add it to the list (and pass it on to Tom).


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Oh, BTW, some words are not decent. Things like the common term for procreation is used often in accronyms. ^__^'


RSNReal Soon Now (mostly used to indicate that it will eventualy get done but not immediately)
WTFWhat the Fuck
BTDTBeen There Done That
FUBARFucked up Beyond all Repair
SNAFUSituation Normal... All Fucked Up
KISSKeep it Simple Stupid
DGTDon't Go There
ROTRant Off Topic
OBEOvertaken by Events
The 7PsPrevious Proper Planning Prevents Piss-Poor Performance
FYIFor Your Information
GIDGee I Dunno
KRAFT (as in disease)Kan't Remember A Fucking Thing
TITWISThat Is The Way it IS
WYGIWYGWhat You Get Is What You Get
SEGShit-Eating Grin
MSMLMicrosoft Mark-up Language (Temperamentfull Dialect of HTML)
HICSHead-in-Cement Syndrome
GNBNGood News / Bad News
EEIEssential Element of Information
RTMFRead the Fucking (fine) Manual
WHUTAWild Hairs up the Ass
BRBBe Right Back
BTWBy the Way
SAYSame As Yesterday
ESADEat Shit and Die
TTFNTa-ta For Now
OTOHOn the Other Hand
TICTongue in Cheek
GIGOGarbage In, Garbage Out
IMOIn My Opinion
IMHOIMO but a bit Humbled ()
ASAPAs Soon As Possible
 I also encountered this with the "As Slow As Possible" meaning (in the army, but never spoken out loud)
DWIMDo What I Mean
DWIMNWISDo What I Mean, Not What I Say
DTRTDo The Right Thing
PAKPress Any Key
CATControll Alt Delete
TFSThree Finger Salute (see CAT)
xxxxx xxxy
MFUEMost Frequently Used Excuse
CUSPCommonly Used System Program
GORPGood Old Raisins & Peanuts
BOFHBastard Operator From Hell (copyrighted)
ROGLRolling On Ground Laughing
LOLLaughing Out Loud
LMA (O)Laughing My Ass Off
DAFFDamned Ass Fucking Fools


But remember DUAL.


   A link to an acronym finder is always usefull.


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