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The Basics category doesn't contain recipes for any specific dish or meal.

And yet it probably is the most interesting category around here.

It conatins tips, hints and background information about the basic techniques and ingredients used in the kitchen. Things like how to make dough for pies or dough for bread, or the basics about sauces and stocks. Or the types of knive and pans to use. Or what to look for when you buy oil or meat. There are no absolutes or measurements here but rather some examples and hints.

The background actually. Thing any cook knows but seldom explains. Most things are not importand, just good to know. Or fun.


The division into categories is a bit artificial. And more or less arbitrary. Just my way of doing things.

When Fish is the main ingredient it should be clasified among the fish dishes. So most sushi should be placed in the Fish section. But you can make sushi with red meat or fowl or with vegetables too. The result would mean that you find sushi all over the place.

Obviously I don't do things that way. I try to put things together that I think belong together. So you find typical western fish dishes in the Fish section while the sushi sould be found in the Japanese or Asian section.

One day I will cast the whole set into a database so you can search on ingredients.


In some recipes I added photographs, in most I don't.
I know pictures are interesting and often add much to the explanation so I added some. But I am not a good photographer at the best of times. Most things I shoot come out blury or unfocussed or over exposed or ... otherwise mangled. And bad, eye watering pictures are of no help to any one.
An other problem with pictures is that the most instructive one don't show the result but how things are actually done. Sadly I an not Shiva and most actions in the kitchen require more than two hands already so I have none to spare for taking pictures.



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